We provide stock and customized urethane solutions for mining, rail, and transit industries. Our wide selection of urethane casting systems is designed to meet your needs, whether you’re looking for a solution with excellent tensile strength, fast curing time, perfect clarity or low water absorption. 

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Urethane Sell Sheets

"440" Rail Grout - Sell Sheet


Urethane Product Data Sheets

"RD" Re-Enterable Polyurethane Encapsulating Compound Rail

U1-5380 Urethane Casting System

U1-5385 Urethane Casting System

U1-5651 Urethane Casting System

U1-5681 Urethane Casting System

U1-5751 Urethane Casting System

U1-5822 Urethane Casting System

U1-5854 Urethane Casting System

U1-5900 Urethane Casting System

U1-9906 Urethane Casting System


Urethane Material Safety Data Sheets

440 Rail Grout Part A

440 Rail Grout Part B