Weight: 0.00kg
Dimensions: 0.00cm x 0.00cm x 0.00cm

The POWER PEAK™ mounting system is designed for larger scale ground mount installations that require faster build rates. Optimized to site-specific conditions, POWER PEAK mounting structures assemble over pile driven galvanized “H” beams or C channels. The single row, vertical post design greatly reduces the number of ground penetrations while providing increased ground clearance options.

Also available in distributor kits with pre-assembled components, the POWER PEAK system provides a fast and secure mounting structure for most PV modules. POWER PEAK structures are assembled without lifting equipment and do not require field modifications, including drilling or welding. Pre-assembled components, including the patent pending module clamps, significantly reduce installation time and labor. Structures are designed and manufactured to match module string counts to reduce wiring time and materials. The unique module rails feature built in wire channels for a professional appearance.

  • Available in AL, GS, GSH, GSHC and GSC to match site specific soil and environmental conditions
  • Mounting system for larger scale installations that require faster build rates
  • Factory pre-assembled components save time
  • High strength steel attachment components
  • Wind Tunnel optimized designs
  • Optimized for site specific conditions
  • Assembles over pile driven pre-drilled galvanized I-Beams
  • Components feature built-in field adjustments
  • Integral wire management
  • Code compliant