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Aeolian Vibration Damper

The PLP-Helix/Hydro Québec Vibration Damper has been developed to increase durability while providing a damping performance equivalent to Stockbridge dampers available on the market. To reach this objective, the use of a dissipative mechanism based on the same Hydro-Québec spacerdamper articulation is preferred to the standard messenger cable used with conventional dampers. In the course of its development, the HQ Vibration Damper was optimized through intensive laboratory tests, analytical studies, trials on the IREQ (Hydro-Québec Research Institute) experimental test line, and actual field tests.

  • These dampers have been successfully used in areas with known icing and galloping activities
  • The dissipation mechanism design protects the damper under
    severe conditions
  • The design has been reliable since 2002
  • Corrosion resistant


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