INSULIGN® Guy Strain Insulator – Fiberglass .. Product #: INSULIGN Guy Strain Insulator

INSULIGN® Guy Strain Insulator – Fiberglass

The Preformed Line Products’ INSULIGN® Guy Strain Insulator series is intended for use with down guys or pole-to-pole guys on overhead lines. The insulative fiberglass rod electrically isolates the guy strand and provides electrical clearance for maintenance crews and the public during normal operation.

  • Veiled fiberglass rod provides superior UV protection
  • Crimped end fittings are designed to assure consistent, high-performance holding strength
  • Manufactured, tested, and verifed to meet PLP’s high-quality standards.
  • Rated Strength: 16,000 lbs. and 21,000 lbs.

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GSF16ce table.jpg

 GSF16cte table.jpg

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