August 30, 2021

CLEVELAND, OHIO – Preformed Line Products (NASDAQ: PLPC) announced its new brand platform today, which focuses on the company’s long-standing commitment to provide precision-engineered solutions, quality products and unparalleled service. As part of its new brand platform, the company will also begin using PLP as the primary brand name.

“Although we may be best known as the inventor and world’s largest supplier of helically formed wire products for the electric power and communications industries, among many others, we are also much more than this,” said PLP Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Rob Ruhlman. “After nearly 75 years of organic growth, acquisitions and progress, PLP is a much larger and more diverse company, both in product line breadth and geographic footprint. As such, we feel that our already well-known shorthand of PLP better aligns with the diverse and growing global company our brand represents. In the coming months, customers can expect to see visual branding changes, but the core of PLP remains the same: we are and always will be ‘ The Connection You Can Count On.’ ”

The company also introduced several new visual identity elements to complement the new platform, including a revised color palette, corporate typeface and brand logo. The updated logo is the most visually apparent change. It was redesigned to reflect modern design aesthetics and application needs while still retaining the company’s well-known heritage.


PLP's Revised Brand Logo

“It’s not an easy task to modify an already strong brand, but we believe these enhancements strike just the right balance of honoring our past, encompassing our present and optimizing for our future,” said Ryan Ruhlman, Vice President, Marketing & Business Development.

PLP’s corporate marketing communications team partnered with Cleveland-based advertising agency Marcus Thomas LLC on the brand platform and visual identity elements.

“After a lengthy brand discovery and analysis phase, our team developed a new brand mission and vision, ‘We protect the world’s most critical connections to provide stronger and more reliable networks for everyone,’ ” said Josh Nelson, Manager, Marketing Communications. “This identity helps to solidify who we are and what we do. When coupled with our new list of primary brand values, it creates a strong message about what the PLP brand stands for. This consistent messaging then led to our evaluation and ultimate refinement of all of our existing brand elements.”

PLP will gradually introduce the new brand enhancements over the next several months.


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