November 11, 2020

John Hofstetter, PLP's Executive Vice President, U.S. Operations recently sat down for a virtual conversation with Jancie Oliva, President and Publisher for ISE Magazine to discuss developments in the communications industry as well as PLP's focus on providing superior customer service while also driving global innovation.

PLP is proud to partner with ISE to deliver informative, fresh content to the communications industry. For additional content, check out our recent Podcast discussing the importance of future-proofing when deploying broadband networks and our entire series of PLP Fiber Tips and Tricks videos.




John Hofstetter, Executive Vice President, U.S. Operations

IMG 0147 CROPJohn Hofstetter began his career as a Mechanical Engineer in PLP’s engineering department in 1985. He spent his early years testing new fiber optic technology and working with a team of engineers to develop new industry-standard test protocols for ADSS and OPGW fiber cables. In 1995, as John’s career continued to advance, he helped introduce PLP’s first plastic fiber optic closure, the COYOTE® Closure. During this time, he was also responsible for leading the sales and marketing efforts targeting Regional Bell Operating Companies, independent telecommunications operators, and cable broadband MSOs. In 2002, John was promoted to Director, Sales and Marketing and in 2012 he was promoted to Vice President, Sales and Global Communications Markets where he was responsible for developing U.S. sales strategies as well as the international business development strategy for PLP’s communications market. After over three decades leading teams in engineering, sales, and marketing, John was promoted to Executive Vice President, U.S. Operations in 2020 where he is responsible for all sales, marketing, engineering, and manufacturing functions within PLP’s U.S. operations. 

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