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CUSHION-GRIP® Spacer Damper

The CUSHION-GRIP Spacer Dampers for Twin, Tri, Quad, and Hex Bundles feature elastomer damping elements engineered to absorb maximum energy.  This design provides the greatest possible resistance to conductor fatigue by eliminating the need for additional vibration dampers.

  • Available in two different designs
    • Type "B" designed to meet the demanding requirements of IEC specificiation 61854, while maintaining a light overall weight and effective performance.
    • Type "C" designed to exceed the extremely difficult performance requirements specified by the National Grid Company in the early 1990's.
  • Subjected to demanding laboratory testing in accordance with both industry standards (e.g., IEC 61854) and customer specifications (e.g., National Grid Company).
  • A high strength 1/4 turn fastener is employed in the elastomer lined conductor clamp to insure proper installation.
  • Standard version is designed for up to 125° C continuous conductor temperature (150° C two hour emergency)
  • High temperature version (HT) is rated for up to 250° C


Cushion Grip Spacer Damper

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