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Interphase Spacers

The Interphase Spacer from PLP-Helix/Hydro Québec Vibration Damper has been developed in an effort to improve overall system reliability in their network, Hydro-Québec mandated the Hydro-Québec Research Institute and Helix (acquired by PLP in February 2014) to develop an interphase spacer capable of withstanding severe compressive forces. In 2000, the behavior of the interphase spacer was studied over 1,000 hours. The test included sophisticated monitoring on Hydro-Québec’s mechanical testing line, where plastic devices were attached to conductors artificially creating ice profiles that triggered oscillations. The testing was successful as no buckling was recorded, in spite of significant galloping with peak-to-peak amplitudes of about 5 meters.

The Hydro-Québec Interphase Spacer does not eliminate galloping; it successfully protects valuable transmission equipment by reducing the oscillation amplitudes induced by galloping or ice shedding, maintaining critical phase
distances to avoid flashovers and withstanding important dynamic loads in both tension and compression.

  • Customized for every application
  • Adjustable length
  • Resistance to compressive loads
  • Interphase Spacer systems can be tailored to almost any specific project requirement. Clamping systems, electrical characteristics, and material properties can be modified on-demand.
  • The design has been reliable since 2002