COYOTE® LCC Coupler The COYOTE LCC (Low Count Closure) Coupler is primarily designed for the repair of damaged aerial fi.. Product #: COYOTE LCC (Low Count Closure) Coupler

COYOTE® LCC (Low Count Closure) Coupler

The COYOTE LCC (Low Count Closure) Coupler is primarily designed for the repair of damaged aerial fiber-optic cables, especially where taut (no slack) applications occur. The COYOTE LCC Coupler can also be utilized to cover and protect damaged aerial fiber-optic cable sheaths, where the fibers have not been damaged, but are exposed to environmental conditions. It's lightweight and low-profile design make it ideal for either aerial application, lashed messenger or ADSS systems. More than one COYOTE LCC Coupler assembly can be ganged together to accommodate longer areas of damaged aerial fiber-optic cables.

  • Maximum splice capacity of 32 Ct. Single Fusion or 144 Ct. Mass Fusion
  • Applicable to ADSS or lashed messenger systems and is ideal for aerial taut applications
  • Supports round cable diameters ranging from 0.30" - 0.54" as well as RPX or flat cable construction
  • LCC Coupler halves are constructed of a UV-stabilized, engineered polycarbonate resin
  • Tested in accordance with IEEE-1222-2011 - IEEE Standard for Testing and Performance for All-Dielectric Self-Supporting (ADSS) Fiber Optic Cable for Use on Electric Utility Power Lines


  • Size: 38.4” L x 6.5” W x 2.5” D (97.5 x 16.5 x 6.4 cm)
  • Approximate Weight: 6.6 lbs (3 kg)
  • Applications: Aerial, Lashed Messenger, ADSS
  • Degree of Protection: Tested in accordance to Telcordia® GR-771-CORE, Aerial, Wind Driven Rain, IP55
  • Max Splice Capacity: 32 Single Fusion, 144 Mass Fusion
  • Max Quantity of Cables: 1 Per Port
  • Cable Diameters Supported: 0.30” – 0.54” (7.6 – 13.7 mm) and RPX or flat cable construction


TELCORDIA® is a registered trademark of Telcordia Technologies, Inc.

Catalog Number Description
80061507 COYOTE LCC Coupler for RPX Cables – Includes (2) LCC Sub-Assemblies, (2) LCC Coupler Halves, (2) 14” LCC Coupler Sealing Gaskets, (2) 1-Hole 1.00”-1.25” Silicone Grommets for LCC Coupler Sealing, (2) 2-Hole RPX Silicone Grommets and (1) 3-Hole RPX and Tethers Silicone Grommet for Cable Entry Sealing, (4) 12” Cable Ties, (1) 0.50” ID x 18” Transition Tube, (1) COYOTE LCC Coupler Small Parts Bag including (2) Splice Plate Kits: (3) 8-Hole Yellow SF Splice Blocks, (3) 3-Hole Purple MF Splice Blocks, (4) #6 Self Tapping Screws, (12) Fiber Capture Tabs, Cable Restraint Hardware, (2) Hose Clamps, and (2) 1-Hole Orange LITE-GRIP Retention Sleeve 
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