Flexible Work Hours

Let's be honest, we've all got a lot going on - family, activities, work, school, etc. - and it isn't easy to accomplish everything on a set schedule. So, to help make life a little easier, we're happy to offer flexible work hours to our employees. We have standard hours in the middle of the day, but we offer a range of time to begin and end your day.


Paid Holidays

In addition to having all major U.S. holidays off, PLP provides two additional designated "floater" days to make certain holiday weekends longer. Who doesn't love four-day weekends?


Vacation Time

Everyone needs a little rest and relaxation to achieve work-life balance, and to support this we're happy to offer paid vacation time to our full-time employees. Need a little extra time off? Maybe you're getting married, traveling on a once-in-a-lifetime trip, or just want to spend a little more time with your family. No problem, we're happy to offer salary employees the option to purchase additional vacation time when needed.


Maternal / Paternal Leave

Being a new parent can be stressful and time-consuming. So, to help with this transition, we're happy to provide paid time off for new parents. This time allows our employees to focus on what truly matters most, their family.


Employee Assistance Program

Sometimes employees have personal and/or work-related problems and it’s unclear where to turn for help. To offer guidance, we offer an Employee Assistant Program (EAP), which is a confidential program that helps employees work through various life challenges that may adversely affect job performance, health, and personal well-being. Professional phone support is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Face-to-face counseling is also available, with up to five sessions included per topic.