From day one we care about the future of every employee, including the retirement years. To help support a worry-free and happy retirement, we've partnered with Fidelity to manage our employees' retirement plans. And because we know not everyone is a financial expert, we've chosen plans that offer expert advice and planning services as additional benefits. The company match is equal to 25% of the first 8% of pre-tax dollars contributed by the employee.


Roth IRA

Retirement planning is about options, so in addition to the traditional 401(k), we also offer the option to easily contribute post-tax dollars into a Roth IRA managed by Fidelity.


Profit Sharing

We realize that every employee contributes to the success of the organization, and because of this, every employee should be rewarded. That's why, for the last 66 years, every full-time employee with over 2 years of service receives an annual profit sharing contribution deposited directly into their 401(k).


College Scholarship Program

Higher education is a major expense these days, but to help offset the cost and reward hard work, we're happy to offer college scholarship opportunities to eligible employee dependents.


Student Loan Debt Program

We understand student loans can be tough to pay off, especially when you're first entering the workforce. So, in addition to offering employees educational reimbursement, we also want to help employees who have already completed their education. To do this, PLP is proud to offer loan repayment assistance to our employees and their dependents.