Tuition Reimbursement

Our employees are a very creative group of knowledge seekers. We invent, grow, have fun, and like to learn. To support continued learning, we're proud to offer one of the best tuition reimbursement programs around. Employees receive 90% tuition reimbursement for higher-education degrees that directly relate to current or future career opportunities. And to top it off, we cover 100% of book expenses.

Some of the degrees pursued while utilizing this program include: Bachelor of Business Management, Bachelor of Engineering, Master of Business Administration, Master of Engineering

Some of the colleges and universities attended while utilizing this program include: Baldwin Wallace UniversityCase-Western Reserve UniversityCleveland State UniversityJohn Carroll UniversityKent State UniversityUniversity of AkronUniversity of Arkansas


International Rotation Program

As a global company we understand it's important to share knowledge and to learn from our colleagues around the world. To support this belief, we offer an international rotation program for qualified employees. During these multi-month-long assignments, employees become immersed in the work and culture of the host PLP international operation. Some of the international sites employees have visited as part of this program include: Australia, Brazil, China, Great Britain, and Poland.


Mentorship Program

To help employees grow and prosper during their career at PLP, we've developed a mentorship program - partnering less experienced employees with senior level team members who coach, teach, and guide them during their professional career paths. It's a great chance to learn from seasoned employees who helped grow the company!


"PLP Pal" Program

Being the new employee isn't always easy. So, to help transition to their new workplace, new employees are assigned a "PLP Pal". Your pal is a great resource to help you meet new people, show you around, or even just help you find the cafeteria.


On-site Training

Continuous training is an important part of our business. The markets we operate in are constantly evolving. So, it's important that we stay on top of new trends and techniques. To help support this, we offer on-site training classes and workshops throughout the year to help employees develop new skills.


Off-site Training

Want to attend a national conference to grow your professional knowledge and network or even just attend a local seminar? No problem, we're happy to assist employees with off-site training needs.