Sheet Metal Fabrication

PLP has a range of CNC-turret presses, brake presses, spot welders and a powder coating line. These combined with our highly motivated engineering team enable us to offer our customers a complete solution to their sheet metal needs regardless of whether it is a steel computer rack or individual sheet metal components. Core materials range from stainless steel and aluminium to various zinc seal and galvanised metals.


Ultra High Speed Laser Cutting

PLP has newly acquired an Ultra high-speed and high accuracy laser cutting processing machine - The Amada FOM2 Series. Equipped with a solid-cast frame, water assisted cutting, and a high-precision motion system, the FOM2 boasts new features such as automatic nozzle changer, cut process monitoring, and auto-pierce detection. The FOM2 is engineered to meet the high quality and shorter lead time demands of today's fabricating projects.



aluminium die casting

Aluminium Die-Casting

Due to the need for short lead times and guaranteed strength, PLP has invested in an in-house aluminium casting facility to complement its other diverse range of products. Daily testing of products and a rigorous quality system ensures a consistent quality of the final product. Most castings use alloys such as CC401 and 601 grades.



Tool Design & Manufacturing

To enable a highly diverse and flexible manufacturing environment, combined with quick turn around on tooling, PLP employs a tooling design department using equipment such as its recently acquired CNC machining centre, EDM and wire cut machines coupled with sophisticated CAD/CAM systems, PLP manufactures all forging, wire forming, aluminium die casting tools and plastic moulding dies.




In many situations our market requires plastic extruded product, rather than injection moulded. Where plastic extrusions are required, PLP offers a full range of extrusion capabilities, producing product suited to full outdoor use, in both hollow and solid section.




Ferrous Non-Ferrous Forging

Utilising in-house drop hammers, upsetters and screw presses, PLP offers the market a full range of forging services.

Materials such as high carbon steel, mild steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminium can be forged and heat-treated where required. Our Lloyds certified in-house tensile testing facility ensures production capability is maintained and customer specifications met.



Aluminium Stainless Steel Welding

Using both MIG & TIG welding, PLP manufactures everything from simple steel eye-nuts to complex aluminium busbars required for major substations. All PLP welders are trained and certified in the welding of busbar and compression terminals. As part of the PLP training program, certification includes confirmation by x-ray and weld testing.



Powder Coating

The most recent addition to the broad range of PLP’s in-house capabilities is the new powder coating line. Harnessing the most recent technology available, the powder coating capability permits product to be manufactured, coated and packed without leaving the facility. This reduces the amount of transport with the associated risks of aesthetic damage and extended lead times.



Wire Forming

In order to react quickly to both large volume and small volume requirements, the PLP wire forming section has reduced set up times. It has also re-engineered the production line to allow for speedy change over times between galvanised high tensile steel, copper, stainless steel, aluminium and aluminium-clad wires in diameters ranging from 1.6mm to 9.27mm.



Plastic Injection Forming

The PLP range of outdoor, high strength injection moulded products is suited to full UV exposure under the most hazardous of environmental conditions. Our range of moulding machine capacity extends from small up to 365 MT.




General Assembly

The manufacturing of component parts is only half the story at PLP. Assembling the components to an installation-ready state ensures faster installation time for the customer, combined with the knowledge that all parts required are provided in the one-kitted assembly. The assembly area at PLP can kit and assemble any parts required to reduce customer inventory counts.