COYOTE® GLC    .. Product #: COYOTE GLC (Ground Level Closure)

COYOTE® GLC (Ground Level Closure)

The COYOTE GLC (Ground Level Closure) is the first truly hermetically sealed pedestal system and the only pedestal system with PLP’s patented segmented end plate design.  GLC is the first design that doesn’t force you to work where it’s installed and this unique design permits a high volume of uncut slack cable storage if needed.

  • Sizes: 9.5" x 17" or 9.5" x 28" Dome Enclosures
  • Sealed System: Hermetically sealed dome eliminates potential for water intrusion and prevents invasion of insects
  • Cost Effective: Sealed dome closure with integral slack storage base eliminates need to purchase separate components
  • Sealable, Re-Enterable, and Re-Usable: Utilizes the same silicone grommet sealing system and segmented end plate design that is found throughout the COYOTE Dome Closure Family.
  • Transportable: Slack storage of uncut cable allows dome enclosure to be carried to a splice truck or other suitable working environment
  • Adjustable: Stackable spacer system adapts to the base for changing grade levels
  • Independent Grounding System:  Accessible isolated grounding system that allows ground testing to occur without entering the splice enclosure
  • Durable: Manufactured out of a flame and impact resistant polymer
  • Securable: Collar latch mechanism allows attachment of different security devices
  • Modular: Split design allows parts to be added or replaced without disrupting other assembled components
  • Customizable: Create the closure that fits your application needs

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