Substation Clamps

Preformed Line Products (PLP) POWERFORMED(R) Substastion systems are a product of the company's global engineering design, testing and manufacturing strengths.Proven over many years of reliable in-service performance at voltage up to 500KV. Within the POWERFORMED(R) range are two distinct families of connectors, clamps and hardware for substation products.The families are called BUSLIGNTM and SUBLIGNTM.

BUSLIGNTM : Substation Fittings for Tubular Aluminium Busbar

POWERFORMED(R) BUSLIGNTM aluminium substation fittings includes both bolted and welded solutions.

SUBLIGNTM :Substation Fittings for Flexible Aluminium Conductors 

POWERFORMED(R) SUBLIGNTM flexible conductor fittings encompasses bolted, welded and compression fittings solutions for AAC, AAAC, ACSR and ACAR flexible aluminium conductors.