SM Cover for Web PLP Lab CapabBrochure Approval2 PL 04966Did you know product testing has been an integral part of PLP operations since 1947?

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Thomas Peterson, the founder of Preformed Line Products (PLP), believed in innovation and quality. That’s why product testing has been an integral part of PLP since its beginning in 1947. In fact, not only do we test products during the development stage in our research laboratory at PLP’s World Headquarters, we also test products at all our manufacturing facilities, to ensure our quality is never compromised. Quality begins at the receipt of materials when an incoming inspection is performed, including wire analysis. This step ensures that PLP

products start with high quality materials, supplied from certified, pre-approved vendors.

Today, our lab is one of the largest test facilities of conductor and cable accessories for the power utility industry as well as fiber connectivity devices for the communications industry. While many competitors have reduced or eliminated their test labs, we recently expanded ours 50%, to 23,000 square feet. PLP continues to be a leader in testing products to ensure they meet IEEE, CIGRE, IEC, ANSI, ASTM, Telcordia® and other industry standards — and meet or exceed our customers’.

In our world-class test lab we design our products to last decades in the field, withstanding mechanical load, vibration fatigue, thermal and electrical stresses, ultraviolet exposure and corrosion. Our world-class test facility ensures we provide the most innovative products that customers can rely on long-term.