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PLP Brazil 2016smOverview: PLP Brazil was founded in 1967 in São Paulo, SP, Brazil. Since then, PLP has been the market leader in several market segments related to cable network accessories (power - distribution, transmission and communications).

PLP is located in Cajamar, SP, just outside São Paulo city. All manufacturing, engineering, research & testing laboratory and administrative functions are operated out of the 958,000 sq. ft (89,000 sq. meter) ISO 9001 certified facility.

Along almost 50 years of operation, PLP Brazil expanded its manufacturing capabilities beyond Preformed products: today a wide range of products – polymeric accessories for Compact Lines, Substation connections, TL hardware, Splice Cases, OPGW hardware, structures for Photovoltaic panels and more – are produced by a huge and modern facility equipped with plastic/aluminum injection, forgery, clamp bending, plasma cutting, CNC and many other manufacturing processes.

PLP Brazil serves all local and South American markets through a large distribution and reselling network, supplying finished products worldwide to Preformed companies and supports a subsidiary operation in Argentina.


Avenida Tenente Marques, 1112 – Empresarial Mirante de Cajamar
07790-260 Cajamar, SP, Brazil
Phone: 55.11.4448.8000
Fax: 55.11.4448.8080
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Web address:


Paulo Sergio Pinto Borges, Managing Director
Geraldo Mendonca, Commerical Director