COYOTE® Drop Cable Closure    .. Product #: COYOTE Drop Cable Closure

COYOTE® Drop Cable Closure

The COYOTE Drop Cable Closure is a re-enterable (not re-usable), encapsulant filled closure for splicing buried fiber optic drop cables (up to 6-fiber).  The COYOTE Drop Cable Closure will accept either dielectric or shielded fiber optic drop cables with an outside diameter of up to 0.5" (13 mm).

  • Each Closure body is factory filled with field proven POLY-BEE™ Sealant to provide a protective barrier around the sealed splice tray assembly.
  • The sealed splice tray assembly has an integral bond clamp which provides both conductivity between the cable shields and cable restraint.
  • The splice block on the splice tray assembly holds up to six heat-shrink fusion splice protectors. Six 40 mm long protectors are provided.
  • Unfilled version for aerial fiber optic drop cables (up to 6-fiber) are available.
  • Meets required elements of TELCORDIA GR -771- CORE and Bellcore TR-NWT-000251, Issue 2.

Coyote Drop Cable Closure